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Environmental General Authority


Contact information:

NAME: Dr. Ramadan A. Alfegi

POSITION: Consultant

ADDRESS: Alfateh Univ. Tripoli-Libya.

TEL. No: +218 91 214 7678

FAX: +218 21 3612836

E-MAIL: Akakusco@yahoo.com


The Environmental General Authority of Libya is the national body responsible for the development of environmental policy and management of the natural resources in all its aspects. As such, it is engaged particularly in the following activities:

  • Proposing the plans and relative programs of the environment in Libya.

  • Cooperating with  the  international agencies to eliminate the causes of contamination.

  • Giving the necessary permits to practice the activities which may cause contamination.

  • Set up a national plan to confront the cases and environmental emergency disasters with cooperation with the related parties.

  • Undertaking studies and researches related to environmental protection and the valorisation of landscapes.

  • Drawing up and reviewing legislation and resolutions related to environment protection.